Mature Experience
Our company set foot in the field of forensic science and life science in year 2011.
  • · Company established

    · Started forensic services

  • · Self-operated forensic science center established

    · Started national network layout

    · Ranked 1st in judicial physical evidence in China

  • · Completed Round A financing

    · Started independent R&D of forensic products

    · Channel network began to take shape

  • · High-tech enterprise qualification acquired

    · GA certification acquired

    · Completed Round B financing

    · Started new business layout





In that year we handled 3,000 samples

In 2018 we handled over 750,000 samples.

Honour 1816

16 channels and Expandable
8 colors

In year 2011, we rented our sequenator.

In year 2018, our own sequanator Honour 1816 is in use for forensic purpose for the police,along with our own reagent.

7 test centers

In year 2011, we rented a small lab to locate the sequenator to run tests.

In year 2018,we have 7 test centers .Plus, we have co-founded many other labs ;even oour competitors pay for solution for the lab design from us. DNA database of local authority Were built by us this year.

Rapid Development

In year 2011,we had 11 employees.

In year 2018,

Superbio is a big family for over 1200 members.

By the way, we went public in 2016,stock number 838674.