National DNA Database

National DNA Database

In the past 5 years, a number of countries have successfully introduced national databases holding the DNA profiles from suspected and convicted criminal offenders as well as from biological stain materials from unsolved crime cases.


At present, such DNA databases have been fully or partially in operation in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, the US, etc.


Being the largest national DNA database in the world, the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) or NDIS (National DNA Index System) in the U.S., it contains 12.2 million offender profiles, 2.6 million arrestee profiles, and 684,000 forensic profiles, covering a grand total of 15.48 million profiles or about 4.85% of the total U.S. population. The second largest DNA database, the United Kingdom National DNA Database (NDNAD), has 4.51 million records with estimated duplicates removed. That means that the U.K. has a DNA profile for 7% of its citizens.


One of the reasons this number is so high is because nearly all criminal offences can be subject to having a DNA sample taken without consent at the time of arrest from anyone arrested in connection with any recordable offense, even if they have not been charged. 


In addition to the above mentioned countries that have already established national DNA databases, in the other countries, specific legislation will be enacted soon, or the introduction of such databases is being discussed to initiate a legislative process. Numerous differences exist regarding the criteria for a criminal offender to be included in the database, the storage periods and the possibility to remove database records, the possibility to keep reference samples from the offenders as long as their respective records are being held, and the role of judges in the process of entering a database record or to perform a database search.


However, it is undeniable that establishing a national DNA database to manage the DNA information of offenders and suspects has become an effective means to combat and prevent crime and improve case-solving efficiency. Superbio devotes to providing care-free and cost-effective one-stop solutions to national DNA database construction, the service scope covers equipment configuration, reagents and consumables supply, laboratory co-construction, personnel training, etc. Being a pioneer of genetic industry with mature experience of over 10 years, Superbio deserves your trust.