Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing

What is paternity testing

Paternity testing is a genetic test that determines whether a parent-child relationship exists between the identified persons based on Mendel's law of inheritance. DNA is extracted from the biological samples of the two identified persons, and the specific genetic locus information is detected by gene sequencing technology, then calculates and analyzes the results to determine whether there is a parent-child relationship between the identified persons.


Application scenarios of paternity testing

Legal purposes:

  • Lawsuits, immigration


Private purposes:

  • Identify whether the child is biologically related

  • Determine whether the person is a long-lost relative


Required samples for paternity testing

  • Blood

  • Oral swabs

  • Hair

  • Nail

  • Semen

  • Other special samples


Services we offer

1. We provide out-sourcing services in sample testing and identification. Clients can send acquired samples to our laboratory for identification at a lower price instead of purchasing sequencing instruments and detecting on their own.

2. We provide one-stop solutions to paternity testing, including equipment and instruments configuration, reagents and consumables supply, personnel training, market operation, DNA sequencing laboratory construction, and database construction.


Our features

Starting with paternity testing, Superbio has already kept a foothold in genetic industry for over 10 years, and has successfully transformed from a paternity testing service provider to a one-stop solution provider of paternity testing. At present, Superbio has 3 major clinical inspection centers, 3 major database construction centers, and various DNA testing laboratories, and is capable of handling over 3 million samples per year. In addition to hard power, Superbio is also outstanding in soft power. Among the over 1,000 employees of Superbio, more than 41% are professionals with bachelor's degree or above, 45 are judicial appraisers and 16 have senior professional titles.