Laboratory Solution

Laboratory Solution

Our solution include Molecular Biology Laboratory, Medical Test Laboratory, Forensic DNA Test Laboratory, Forensic Toxicological Tests Laboratory etc.



Superbio is a highly sought after laboratory partner because of our 10-year track record of delivering superior DNA testing services, our breadth of industry accreditations, and our proven ability to settle either complex individual cases or high volumes.


Contract Laboratory Services

Superbio is the first choice for many companies and organizations that are in search of contract DNA testing services. We offer a range of affordable testing options and DNA equipment that meet the specific demands of our customers. Our China-based laboratory holds CMA&CNAS accreditation. The Superbio team is experienced in providing contract lab services in the forensic DNA, forensic toxicology, medical testing, and molecular pathological diagnosis categories.


Sample Collection Providers

Superbio has a large sample collection network in India and is always actively seeking new, quality collection partners in this country and internationally. We strive to offer our clients a convenient sample collection appointment that is close to their home or office. DNA collection is usually performed using a simple buccal swab, and occasionally blood draws are required. We welcome laboratory facilities and qualified health personnel to apply.


Corporate Partners

Superbio’s reseller program allows laboratories all over the world to add DNA testing to their service offering. Corporate Accounts may select from an extensive menu of DNA testing options to generate incremental revenue and profits, and we offer quantity discounts for higher volume. Superbio works with reseller partners in over 100 countries that have come to trust our professionalism, high quality, and reliability. Corporate Accounts have 24-hour access to case information and can track the progress of DNA tests. Our dedicated team of account managers provides personalized service. To inquire about becoming a corporate account, please send us a message through our Contact Us page.


Medical Professionals

Questions about paternity and options for finding solutions are frequently directed to health care professionals working in doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. With a simple phone call to Superbio at +86 18912979482, we will send you informative documents that you may know more details about the business cooperation opportunity with us. Whether it’s in the first few weeks of a pregnancy or after the child is born, Superbio offers confidential paternity testing services for every situation.


Marketing Partners and Affiliates

Superbio develops DNA tests that are in high demand by marketing partners that want to offer innovative products to their customers, subscribers, and readers. For example, genealogy companies in search of DNA testing technology that delivers precision results. To learn more about the range of DNA tests offered by Superbio that can drive incremental revenue for your business or generate commissions, please feel free to Contact Us.