1st Generation Laboratory

Co-Construction of Superbio 1st Generation DNA Testing Laboratory 

As the pioneer of genetic testing industry, Superbio has extensive and mature experience in the co-construction of 1st generation DNA testing laboratory. Superbio 1st generation DNA testing laboratory adopts Sanger Sequencing Method to carry out paternity testing, judicial identification, disease testing, etc.


What projects Superbio 1st generation DNA testing laboratory can do

  • Paternity testing

  • Kinship identification

  • Individual recognition (criminal investigation)

  • National DNA database construction

  • Military DNA database construction

  • Anti-terrorism DNA database construction

  • Disease screening

  • Disease testing

* Contact us for more information about what projects that Superbio 1st generation DNA testing laboratory can do.


What service we offer

  • Laboratory planning and design

  • Laboratory furnishing and construction

  • Consultation on laboratory furniture configuration

  • Consultation on laboratory instrument configuration

  • Overall laboratory solution


Planning and design module of Superbio 1st generation DNA testing laboratory

  • General layout

  • Furniture layout

  • Instrument and equipment layout

  • Furnishing and design

  • Water supply and drainage system design

  • Centralized gas supply system design

  • Waste water system design

  • Electrical system design

  • HVAC system design


Service flow of Superbio 1st generation DNA testing laboratory co-construction


Project start-up

Communication on demands

Site investigation

Plan design

Preliminary design

Construction drawing design

Design review

Cost budget

Specific project construction


Follow-up service


Main instruments and equipment in Superbio 1st generation DNA testing laboratory

  • DNA sequencer

  • Bioanalyzer

  • Electrophoresis equipment

  • Gel imaging system

  • Micro centrifuge

  • Fluorometer



Our advantages in construction of DNA testing laboratory

Traditional Laboratory Construction


Superbio Overall Laboratory Solution

Long project delivery time (over 2 years)

Project Delivery

Short project delivery time

High communication costs due to coordinating with multiple service providers


Integrated one-stop service, saving up to 30% operating costs in the early period

Blind construction without understanding assessment requirements


Planning and construction in accordance with a series of laboratory assessment requirements

Fail to pass the qualification assessment, requiring rectification and reconstruction


Know about assessment requirements in advance to get the certificate smoothly

Since instruments and furniture are purchased from different parties, after-sales service needs to be applied for from different companies.

After-sales Service

Superbio provides one-stop after-sales service covering all aspects of DNA testing laboratory construction.