Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing Service

DNA technology is a golden key for human to discover more about their internal world. Whether it is used in medical testing, criminal investigation, or forensic identification, the important role of DNA technology has been widely recognized by the majority.


Being a professional one-stop solution provider in gene industry, except from providing reagents and consumables supply, equipment configuration, database construction, and DNA laboratory construction, Superbio also offers a variety of outsourcing services.


1. Sample acceptance and identification

With a capability of processing over 3 million samples per year, Superbio offers sample acceptance and identification outsourcing service to clients who do not have laboratories to run DNA tests. Clients can send collected samples to our qualified laboratories equipped with the most advanced instruments, and we will test the samples and issue reports.

We have:

    ● Standardized laboratories

    ● Efficient and accurate operation

    ● Advanced instruments and equipment

    ● Qualified testing environment

    ● Reliable and stable results

    ● Optional reagents

    ● Highly confidential mechanism


2. Staff external services

Qualified technological and experimental personnel that have been trained will be dispatched to clients’ laboratories. The number and quality of dispatched personnel are guaranteed.

Dispatched personnel can:

    ● Carry out projects in accordance with clients' demands

    ● Carry out equipment checking and maintenance regularly

    ● Ensure the amount of data completed within a specified time period

    ● Provide one-stop services including sample detection, data analysis, and data archive


3. On-site maintenance

The on-site maintenance service provided by the professional engineer team at Superbio saves you from shipping instruments to manufacturer to repair the damages caused by small parts. The maintenance service features wide range, fast response and high quality. Whether it is a large medical instrument or a small biological engineering device, the service quality is guaranteed.


 Service Mode


Service scope

● Instrument reparation

Provide specific reparation service in accordance with clients' demands and instrument condition

● Instrument maintenance

Make annual maintenance plan in accordance with instrument condition

● Reagent supply

Provide reagents for tuning and commissioning

● Replacement of parts and consumables

Provide replacement service of parts and consumables at a discount price


Maintenance scope

● Molecular biology instruments

Type: sequencer, PCR instrument, FCM, etc.

Brand: ABI, Life, Roche, Bio-rad, Illumina, BD, etc.


● Analytical instruments

Type: chromatograph, spectrometer, mass spectrometer, AAS, protein purification system, etc.

Brand: Thermofisher, Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, Jena, Dionex, etc.


● Optical instruments

Type: spectrometer, optical microscope, microplate reader, gel imaging system. Etc.

Brand: Thermofisher, Bio-rad, Nikon, Olympus, Molecular Devices, etc.


● Separation/extraction/purification instruments

Type: centrifuge, SPE, pure water filter, etc.

Brand: Eppendorf, Millipore, Thermofisher, etc.