Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer

Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer


  • All-open detection platform

  • Meet the requirements of STR analysis and gene sequencing

  • Fluorescence excitation efficiency 40% higher than that of foreign competitors


Product Introduction

Superyears Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer is a Sanger sequencing platform jointly developed by Superyears Gene and research institutes including Southeast University and Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

Superyears Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer is the world's second, China's first sequencing platform based on capillary electrophoresis technology, its comprehensive performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, breaking up the monopolies of foreign manufacturers on DNA sequencing equipment industry. Being an indispensable scientific instrument for genetic research, Honor-1616 has a very wide application prospect in the fields of public security, medical inspection, food safety and teaching & scientific research.


Optical system: laser, fluorescence testing module, area array CCD detector, automatic 3D sampler, automatic gel injection module, high-voltage power, incubator, embedded central measurement and control circuit, drive and control circuits for each component.

Supporting consumables: capillary array, buffer, gel, formamide, fluorescence calibration substances. 

Software applications: DNA data acquisition software, forensic DNA fragment analysis software.



Intellectual Property Right

Exclusive License for Invention Patents:

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Four Software Copyrights:

  • Superyears Genetyper genotyping software V1.0 

    Registration number: 2018SR329865

  • FPGA real-time control software for Superyears DNA sequencer V1.0

    Registration number: 2018SR333395

  • Data acquisition software for Superyears DNA sequencer V1.0

    Registration number: 2018SR334410

  • Main control software for the lower system of Superyears DNA sequencer V1.02

    Registration number: 2018SR329870

Application Characteristics

Superyears Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer is applicable to individual and relationship identification in forensic DNA laboratory. Being an all-open platform, Honor-1616 is compatible with the reagent kits and consumables produced by mainstream manufacturers both at home and abroad.The instrument can be utilized for STR analysis and other scientific researches. The system contains instrument, build-in reagent kit, data capture software and expert analysis software, therefore can be used to handle common cases in forensic DNA laboratory and construct DNA database.

Superyears Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer is mainly used in fragment analysis, disease linkage analysis, SNP analysis, SNPlex analysis, methylation analysis, SNPshort analysis, AFLP analysis, MLPA analysis, LOH analysis, SSCP analysis, etc.

Technical Features

The key performance indicators of Superyears Honor-1616 Genetic Analyzer are able to compete with those of dominating foreign products.

  • Fragment analysis: Good repeatability, can acquire intact and clear typing maps of DNA samples which are identical with the results of mainstream products.

  • Sequencing accuracy: SD≤0.12bp; baseline noise ≤50RFU, can recognize 1bp difference between DNA fragments;

  • Show the real-time peak height ratio and identify the position of heterozygote accurately without leaving out;

  • Interpretation of each base has been proven by the Phred Q20 Standard, and the length can be extended to 900+bp with a 98.5% accuracy.