Honor-1816 Genetic Analyzer

Honor-1816 Genetic Analyzer

World's First 8-Color Genetic Analyzer

  • Domestic initiative product, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies

  • 8-color fluorescence technology, integrated solution to autosomal + Y-chromosomal database construction

  • Fluorescence excitation efficiency 40% higher than that of foreign competing products


Product Introduction

The Honor-1816 Genetic Analyzer is a 16-channel capillary electrophoresis genetic analyzer developed by Nanjing Superyears Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Based on Sanger sequencing method, it is suitable for fragment analysis and DNA sequencing, and meets the needs of basic research of molecular genetics and clinical research of precision medicine.

The Honor-1816 Genetic Analyzer is equipped with 16-channel capillary arrays, a 505 nm single-channel solid-state laser excitation source, a computer workstation, and data acquisition & analysis software. The entire system provides high-throughput DNA fragment analysis, sequencing, preliminary base detection, and automatic fragment screening analysis.

Technical Advantages

    ● All-open detection platform features great compatibility with mainstream reagent kits.

    ● World's first 8-color genetic analyzer, breaking up the monopoly of foreign companies.

    ● Scalable 8-color 16-channel platform provides integrated solution to autosomal + Y-chromosomal  database construction.

    ● 6 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, and 4 software copyrights.

    ●  EU CE and ISO certifications obtained.


    ● Optical system:

        laser, fluorescence testing module, area array CCD detector, automatic 3D sampler, automatic gel  injection module, high-voltage power, incubator, embedded central measurement and control circuit, drive and control circuits for each component.

    ● Supporting consumables:

        capillary array, buffer, gel, formamide, fluorescence calibration substances.

    ● Software applications:

        DNA data acquisition software, forensic DNA fragment analysis software

Technical Parameters

Honor-1816 Genetic Analyzer


Sequencing, fragment analysis

Laser Source

30mW long-life semiconductor solid-state laser

Number of Channels

16 (scalable)

Analysis Length of Fragment


Detection Method

Laser-induced fluorescence CCD automatic acquisition

Wavelength Range


Maximum Detection Throughput

En > 16 (sample/h) when fragment length < 500 bp

Number of Fluorescent Dyes


Temperature Control Accuracy ΔT





1 bp


120 kg


<0.12 bp;

Forensic DNA Data Acquisition and Preprocessing Software

Real-time acquisition, analysis and display of DNA mapping data; spatial correction, spectral correction and automatic evaluation of correction effect; automatic generation of DNA data files; automatic planning of sample operation; automatic monitoring of instrument platform, and keys  components can be manually controlled.

DNA Sequencing Software

DNA data correction, sequence generation and quality evaluation

Genotyping Software

Genotyping and quality evaluation


Basic Functions


Detection of Base Sequences in DNA Fragments


    ● DeNovo sequencing

    ● Re-sequencing

         Mutation detection, SNPs, insertions, deletions

        Cloning product validation

        Genome comparison

    ● Typing

        Microbial and fungal identification

        HLA typing

        Virus typing

    ● Other

        Methylation analysis (bisulfite sequencing)

Fragment Analysis

Isolate fragments with fluorescent labels and detect relative size


    ● Micro-satellite / STR

        Human identification

        Chimera research

        Customized micro-satellite

        Micro-satellite instability

    ● Relative Fluorescence Quantification



    ● SNP Typing


    ● Fingerprinting